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1 What day is Easter celebrated?

A/ Friday B/ Saturday C/ Sunday

2  Where does the name of Easter come from?

A/ an Anglo-Saxon goddess called Eastre  B/ A saint from the 6th century  C/ an old word for East Star

3  On Palm Sunday, Christians celebrate the day that

A/ Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was greeted by cheering crowd

B/ Jesus sheltered under a palm tree during a thunderstorm

C/ Jesus fed 5,000 people

4   What event does Maundy Thursday commemorate?

A/ The Last Supper  B/The birth of Jesus  C/Jesus’ return to Jerusalem D/ The death of Jesus

5  The crucifixion of Jesus took place

A/ On Easter Saturday B/ on Easter Sunday C/ on Good Friday 

6   What Christian event took place on Easter Sunday?

A/ Jesus ate the Last Supper B/ Jesus was born in a manger  C/ Jesus rose from the dead

7   Jesus was crucified on a hill called as Golgotha. What does the name mean?

A /the place of skulls  B/ the high mountain  C/ the place of the olive trees  D/ the holy hill

8  The night before his death, Jesus finished the Passover meal with his disciples by sharing

A/ bread and water  B/ bread and wine C/ water and olives D/ toast and jam

9    Who was the first person to speak to Jesus after he had risen from the dead?

A/ Judas  B/ Mary Magdalene  C/ Mary  D/ Peter

10  Why do we have eggs at Easter?

A/ Jesus liked eggs.  B/ Eggs taste nice  C/  They are a symbol of rebirth and fertility.

D/ They are a symbol of sadness as the look like a tear drop.

11 What is decorated for Easter?

A/ apples  b/  eggs  C/ pumpkins  D/ trees

12    What animal usually delivers Easter goodies?

A/ elephant  B/  bunny  C/  duck  D/ cat

13  The two other animals associated with Easter are

A/ chicks and lambs B/ bats and cats C/ lions and tigers

14 What flower is mostly given on Easter Sunday?

A/ sunflower  B/ lily  c/ daisy  D/ rose

15    What is traditionally eaten on Easter Friday?

A/ plum pudding  B/ roast turkey  C/ roast lamb D/ Hot Cross Buns